“my heart pounds inside my head, like a beat without a drummer…”

I had the opportunity tonight to see a friend of mine named Hanna Ashbrook play at the Elbo Room in Chicago. It’s an interesting little dive bar/venue with decent beer, decent sound, and some pretty nice people.

I was particularly excited because I hadn’t had an opportunity to see her before, and from the little bits I had heard on the internet, I knew it had the potential to be a strong show.

The show started with a really wonderful opening set from a young Chicago singer/songwriter named Andrew Lothian. His strong, almost pop voice, coupled with his impish nervousness/charm makes me believe he’s only going good places. Check his demo recording of ‘My Sunflower’ out here:


Then, Hanna came onstage:

Strong turned out to be an understatement. It was absolutely beautiful. Hanna is a talented guitarist and vocalist with a penchant for catching those last bittersweet wisps of fading memories and turning them into heart-melting songs. She manages to simultaneously embody both an endearing naivety and a soul heavy with loss and hardship. It looks like she’ll have her debut album out sometime this winter, and what an exciting winter album it should be. Take a listen to her song ‘Make This Moment End’ and then head over to her Facebook music page to keep tabs on what she’s up to next.


I love nights of new music, good drinks, and a few great friends.




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