The Lumineers

I occasionally acquire music in such a flurry that I forget to listen to all of it. As I was scrolling through my Ipod yesterday, I came across one such band that had slipped past me in the midst of a furious downloading spree from Daytrotter. (If you haven’t checked Daytrotter out, you should – more on this in a later post.)

So, when I noticed The Lumineers on my Ipod, I figured i should give ’em a shot; I needed something new to listen to. From the first chords of “Flowers in Your Hair” I was absolutely hooked. I’m a sucker for clever, passionate lyrics – throw two talented vocalists behind said lyrics and you have the beginnings of a recipe for addiction.

The Denver based band lists influences ranging from the Cold War Kids to Fleet Foxes, and their unique sound reflects their willingness to engage different elements of all of their influences. The final product is a joyful amalgamation of folk, rock, and foot-stomping Americana.

While their first full-length doesn’t arrive until early next year – check out their Daytrotter session (The Lumineers), and this fun video of them playing a house show in Colorado.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


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